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Apr, 2015

How your app can fail without maintenance and support, PART THREE

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This month we are presenting the final part of a three-part series on maintenance and support. Each month we have gone over a few important topics that we hope will help your mobile app become a huge success. Part One can be found here: PART ONE. Part Two is here: PART TWO.

Planned Updates

When small monthly tweaks are part of the plan, it becomes less costly than completely redoing a feature or eliminating an entire section. Bugs and improvements can be prioritized. Updates are fairly easy to deploy, so the overall cost will be lower, and you can deliver features progressively.

Backup, Backup, Backup

We have all been taught about the importance of backing up data. In the case of an app, its assets, databases, as well as source code and server configuration. And best practice is always to back up in a separate place from where your app is hosted. New users means regular backups, as much as twice a week, depending on popularity.

Keep an eye on your server’s performance, you may need to scale up depending on your app’s popularity, so that it will not crash and cost you serious revenue because you did the one thing that turns away users — you inconvenienced them.

And so… ?

We consider your app’s success our success. Maintenance and good customer support is our primary goal. Talk to us about a maintenance plan for your app today at 1 (704) 550 2836 or info@sinewsolutions.com.



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