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About us

Sinew Solutions is an advanced technology firm focused on providing quality solutions for medium to large organizations. Our number one commitment is to our clients. We pride ourselves on giving you industry-leading solutions for your technology needs while balancing costs and market trends. Our mobile applications, web and e-commerce capabilities blend seamlessly together to supply you with a complete solution, allowing you to focus on your business.

Our research and development

A few of the projects we are currently developing.

Ecommerce Solutions

Sinew Solutions store

Checkout time. Our e-commerce app allows users to browse, search and purchase products from their mobile device. Customers easily create accounts to save shopping carts, track orders, and check shipment status. Key features include maps and location-based searching, Facebook and Twitter integration, email, messages, barcode reader API, and in-app purchases.


Get Centered. De-stress with our Zerenity app; a meditation application that plays music while displaying animated images on your mobile device. Users can choose from multiple animations and music, or create a slide show of images with music. Key features include import images and video capability, Facebook integration, and Apple iAD.

Keeping Fit

Fitness Personal Trainer

Shaping Up. Our personal trainer app is exactly what you need. Designed to motivate and challenge its user, this specialized application details the proper way to perform exercises and includes a randomized feature that selects the perfect exercises for the specific areas its user wants to define. This app also keeps track of weight lost, calories burned and measurements.

Our approach


We interview you to gain an understanding of your needs and goals. We create a requirements document that strategizes how to best help accomplish them.


Our architect develops a design strategy to accomplish your needs and goals. Then our design team creates concepts and designs based on the strategy and they are delivered to you for your feedback. When you are satisfied with the design stage, our development team begins work on each approved section.


In three iterations, our talented development team builds the application based on the design, delivering each one to you for your approval and feedback.


We perform two types of testing:

  • Quality Control — Formal testing done throughout the construction phase.
  • Beta — Several more people join the testing group to simulate real-world interaction. This phase of the project starts when construction is complete, but can begin earlier.


We deliver your solution and assist you with any setup.


Our goal is to provide you with great customer service and support throughout the process and after delivery.

General skills

Strategic Planning 90%
Project Management 80%
Design 99%
Development 76%
Architecture 90%
Customer Service 85%
Wireframing 87%

Technical skills

e-Commerce 99%
Java 99%
iOS 90%
Android 90%
Wordpress 90%
HTML5 95%
CSS3 90%
Javascript 77%
Ruby on Rails 70%

Our clients

Sinew Solutions has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients,
providing customized multi-platform solutions for the following companies:
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