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Mar, 2015

How your app can fail without maintenance and support, PART TWO

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PART TWO This month we are presenting Part 2 of a three-part series on maintenance and support. Each month we will go over a few important topics that we hope will help your mobile app become a huge success. Last month’s blog can be found here: PART ONE. Platforms and Frameworks However many platforms you chose to develop for — iOS, Android, Windows — you will have to incorporate more in the budget for maintenance. Each platform will have unique updates, fixes and improvements. There are many different open source […]



Dec, 2014

E-Commerce sales growth on mobile devices

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Online retail spending grew 14% in 2013, according to a report released from www.comscore.com. Mobile devices’ share of that spending is growing exceptionally fast, even though the majority of online purchases still occur via desktop computer. Digiday believes commerce is one of the industries most affected by the increase in the use of mobile devices. According to the Custora E-Commerce Pluse Mobile Report, in the past four years the mobile e-commerce market grew from $2.2 billion in 2010 to $42.8 billion in 2013. This represents 1875% growth, and 111% 4-year […]



Sep, 2014

Isn’t a free website good enough?

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Free websites are often made from templates that are not customized for your business. Often, they don’t allow you to choose a custom domain name. Since your company’s website is identical to many others, search engines won’t index it, and you will have no control over your SEO ranking. Lastly, you don’t own the design, content, or images, which can put your proprietary information at risk. Sinew Solutions will build a custom website for your company using the latest technology and techniques. You will be involved in every step of […]



Sep, 2014

Can I really sell my product online?

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When traditional websites were becoming extremely popular, e-commerce started to emerge as a great way to sell products and services and expand internationally. Companies gained the ability to create virtual stores to offer those same products, but now internationally. This advantage allowed companies and their customers to conduct business anywhere in the world — a global market! Since the inception of the first e-stores, the Internet has come of age. Internet and download speeds are faster, websites have become more secure, and there are frameworks in place to help customers […]