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Sep, 2014

Can I really sell my product online?

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When traditional websites were becoming extremely popular, e-commerce started to emerge as a great way to sell products and services and expand internationally.

Companies gained the ability to create virtual stores to offer those same products, but now internationally. This advantage allowed companies and their customers to conduct business anywhere in the world — a global market!

Since the inception of the first e-stores, the Internet has come of age. Internet and download speeds are faster, websites have become more secure, and there are frameworks in place to help customers feel as at ease shopping online as they do shopping traditionally in brick-and-mortar buildings.

Sinew Solutions has teams with over 15 years’ experience providing e-commerce solutions for fortune 100 companies. Whether your needs are mobile or desktop, we have a highly customizable framework for creating the online store that meets your needs. This framework includes a built-in shopping cart, checkout process, content management tools, product catalog, promotions and coupons, and social media services.


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