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Mar, 2015

Mobile payment technology news

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The U.S. has become the global capital for credit card fraud. Later this year, there will be a major shake-up in who has the liability for fraud. The shift places the burden for fraudulent charges on the banks and merchants, not the individual. Hence this is going to be a banner year for mobile payment innovation with tighter security. IT companies are investing in innovation to not only provide better security, but also make it easier to pay online or in brick-and-mortar stores without credit cards or bank cards. Good […]



Jan, 2015

Apps that users wish for

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You’ve read blog posts and business articles telling you why you need to have a mobile app as part of your business strategy. You may be an established business, thinking of starting your business from a mobile platform and building from there, or perhaps you just like the idea of having a mobile app, but aren’t full of ideas. This month, we thought it would be a nice idea to give voice to what users are looking for to increase their productivity, assist them in gathering information, or just simply […]



Dec, 2014

E-Commerce sales growth on mobile devices

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Online retail spending grew 14% in 2013, according to a report released from www.comscore.com. Mobile devices’ share of that spending is growing exceptionally fast, even though the majority of online purchases still occur via desktop computer. Digiday believes commerce is one of the industries most affected by the increase in the use of mobile devices. According to the Custora E-Commerce Pluse Mobile Report, in the past four years the mobile e-commerce market grew from $2.2 billion in 2010 to $42.8 billion in 2013. This represents 1875% growth, and 111% 4-year […]



Nov, 2014

Increasing sales with mobile apps

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Increasing sales is a focus for most businesses. A CRN.com study shows us that mobile apps are key to increasing sales in our ever-growing, ever-changing global market. CRN.com states that mobile applications offer convenience to customers and are visually appealing, easy and intuitive to use. The study lists many ways mobile apps are valuable to increase your bottom line. Mobile apps provide your sales staff with consistent presentation, distribution, and can showcase products using video and 3D images. This increases your responsiveness to customers, eliminates sales members building presentations, and […]