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Dec, 2014

New features for Zerenity

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The newly launched Zerenity 2.0 for iOS and 1.0 for Android has some new and exciting features that we are proud to share with you!
You now have access to new HD videos for an enhanced experience. With Zerenity 2.0’s new design, we’ve used soothing and relaxing colors, with more sounds to choose from, and we’ve made the app easier to navigate to help take your Zerenity experience to a whole new level.
If you would like your Zerenity experience to be ad-free, we also offer a paid version. New environments for you to choose from will be available as in-app purchases soon. Download the new Zerenity today!

“When I downloaded Zerenity 2.0, I was mesmerized by the quality of the HD videos. The snow looked so real that it made me feel as if I could start playing with the snow and I actually became a little chilled! The sounds I selected put me into a calm, meditative state. Zerenity is very easy to use and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little peace and calm in their life.”

—John Quince


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