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Apr, 2015

Mobile app development costs

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Part 1 of the Costs Series The cost to build a mobile app can vary widely depending on the type and complexity — size, number of services, customer databases, and other factors. The median cost range of developing an app is $38K and $172K, according to a survey of top development companies. With enterprise e-Commerce or apps with a global audience in many languages, the cost of an app can be $500K or higher. A few quotes: StarMobile: “€œBased upon complexity, the initial costs to develop a native enterprise application […]



Sep, 2014

Why do I need a mobile application?

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Competitive edge: A mobile application can give you an edge over your rivals! Not only can a mobile app be used as a marketing tool, but also, a mobile app can reduce costs through automation. As such, a mobile application can improve customer service that thereby drives customer loyalty and also attracts new customers to your brand. Customer Relations’ Management: A mobile app can create a better interactive engagement for your customers, giving them instant access to you and streamlining their customer operations, rather than trying to browse through a […]