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Apr, 2015

Mobile app development costs

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Part 1 of the Costs Series The cost to build a mobile app can vary widely depending on the type and complexity — size, number of services, customer databases, and other factors. The median cost range of developing an app is $38K and $172K, according to a survey of top development companies. With enterprise e-Commerce or apps with a global audience in many languages, the cost of an app can be $500K or higher. A few quotes: StarMobile: “€œBased upon complexity, the initial costs to develop a native enterprise application […]



Jan, 2015

Why good user interface makes an app successful

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According to IDC Research, 1.4 billion smartphones will be shipped in 2015 (http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS25282214). App downloads will rise to 183 billion within four years. So, having said that, what helps your app to be great and become a top seller? User Interface, known in the industry as UI. Great application design is vital to business success. An app’s appearance and the way it operates is extremely important to its success. If your navigation isn’t fluid, doesn’t look as good, has too many buttons or is confusing, it could result in your […]



Sep, 2014

Isn’t a free website good enough?

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Free websites are often made from templates that are not customized for your business. Often, they don’t allow you to choose a custom domain name. Since your company’s website is identical to many others, search engines won’t index it, and you will have no control over your SEO ranking. Lastly, you don’t own the design, content, or images, which can put your proprietary information at risk. Sinew Solutions will build a custom website for your company using the latest technology and techniques. You will be involved in every step of […]